LENOIR $NOIR Native token

$NOIR native token is build on the top of Polygon, the fastest and most scalable on Ethereum. The token will be built on the robust, secure, and well-tested infrastructure that Quickswap provides for its products and services. Users can exchange Noir for other currencies in both Quickswap and uniswap.

NOIR Polygon Blockchain

$NOIR utility

$NOIR is a decentralized cryptocurrency built on Polygon (Matic Network) and the Lenoir platform, that allows you to purchase goods and services on the lenoir ecosystem.


Native token Lenoir of the NOIR browser, you can exchange NOIR to several different currencies on both Uniswap and Quickswap.


This is a token built using Polygon Network, allowing it to be exchanged via the web browser with ease and without fees.


Lenoir has developed a seamless browser-mining experience, which lets you use your favourite websites like Google and Facebook, while generating precious cryptocurrency on the side. You don't need to download plugins or apps. Just install Lenoir, and begin minting today!



Who are the team? How can we trust them?
We are a team of more than 6 experienced and highly skilled individuals determined to take $NOIR to the moon!

The Founder https://www.linkedin.com/in/ayman-elakhal-2640852a/

Ayman Elakhal founder and CEO and the lead software developer on the iPadian team. He developed the first version of iPadian –v0.1. Ayman is the winner of the Grand Prize Startup Weekend competition in Rabat, Morocco, 2011. He was ranked Top Entrepreneur in 2012 by GIST (Global Innovation through Science and Technology), a US State Department sponsored program that promotes young global lT leaders and entrepreneurs.

The GIST award included a US tour with networking events and seminars given by leading US IT entrepreneurs at MIT, Harvard, NYC and Silicon Valley. Ayman received a BS/MS in Software and Computer Engineering from ITS, Rabat, Morocco.

The contract will be fully audited before launch to ensure everything is safe and goes smooth!
Two ways: Minting $NOIR from LENOIR Crypto Browser or buying $NOIR via Uniswap or Quickswap