The Success Story of the Black Horse

Think of LENOIR as the dark horse

We can all think back to a time when we were a dark horse, unlikely to win on paper, but we surprised everyone and accomplished what no one expected us to.

LENOIR embodies this dark horse spirit and reminds us of that moment and that we can always achieve anything we put our mind to and be the winner.

LENOIR is a mindset, the ability and drive to win even with a severe lack of resources and everyone betting against you.

ball ball LENOIR stands as an example for all of us, a web browser that wants to compete with the front runners, the giants of the browser world like Google, Microsoft, Apple and Mozilla.

Realistically, LENOIR has no chance of winning and a very high chance of being crushed by these behemoths, but that won’t stop him.

LENOIR is for everyone who wants to surpass expectations and be the winner against all the odds; this is the spirit LENOIR represents.

In 2011, before creating Lenoir, I had other passion projects which I started with very limited resources and published online for all to enjoy. Nobody knew me, I had no marketing strategy, no contacts, nor even the notoriety of creating value and success to generate downloads.

ball The first time I joined a national startup, I felt that I had just joined a big, close-knit community where everyone knew each other. On paper, I was the outsider, the stranger, and I was unlikely to win.

It was a hard but fulfilling experience, and in the end, I won first place, and everyone knew my name. The same story will happen to you if you have the dedication and motivation to persevere through hardship.


In business like in life, there are many optimal connections to be made and supreme communities to join, and if you are not part of them, it’s hard to win.

ball However, if you are a dark horse and believe in yourself, you’re going to win and your connections will grow naturally, and you will be asked to join these communities because everyone will want to learn from you.

At the time of the first international startup competition I participated in, the situation was far more difficult. I found myself in a completely different country with local judges I didn’t recognise, and to add to the bad situation, I wasn’t well prepared and there was no internet connection in the conference room.

I had no way to load my PowerPoint presentation to display my project as it was stored online.

My colleagues told me that the most important thing was participating, but I wanted to win. I took a pen, grabbed a whiteboard and started explaining my project and my numbers as best I could. room.

ball ball

I wasn’t feeling confident, but the results came in, and I was the winner.

The moral of the story is that there will always be unexpected obstacles in your way, and it’s your duty to be prepared to overcome them. You have to fight to win with whatever you have.

ball After my initial meagre success, I visited Silicon Valley which was one of my dreams growing up.

I was very much looking forward to meeting investors and presenting them with my ideas, but they would all ask me if I lived in the US, had been to Stanford, MIT or Harvard, or had worked at Silicon Valley’s exciting companies like Google or Facebook.

All my answers were no, so I got the same answer; no.

When I returned to my home country, I bootstrapped my project with no additional support and made it profitable. Year after year the project grew without any funding or investment until it became the number one project in its niche.

In conclusion, there are so many paths to success that you don’t have to always follow the mainstream, especially if you don’t meet the mainstream standards.

Create your own path and do it your way. ball