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In this modern world, we all spend the majority of our time scrolling through the same handful of apps; Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Whatsapp, YouTube, Reddit etc.

Even when we're browsing the internet, perhaps doing actual work, a combination of these apps will be open at all times. These apps are important to us as this is how we organise our lives, consume information and maintain relationships. Therefore, your web browser should logically integrate them into the browsing experience.

What is LENOIR ?

Imagine having a browser without address bar or tabs and an App store with 10 million apps and no advertising or tracking and VPN included ...


Apps have come to play an immense part in the way we live our lives today. Via them, we can navigate almost the entire western corpus of music (and even more than that), find romantic partners, and handle our diaries, documentation, and payments. Hence, Lenoir browser provides you with an easy access to download and install any type of App and games swiftly.

However, the interesting part is that whether you install a game or App, it will be stored on the built-in space made available on this browser

Super Offer - $9.99!


What is the difference between iPadian and LENOIR?
iPadian is a simulator for iOS iPad / iPhone, which allows you to try and experience Apple system and some apps on your laptop / PC for Windows and Mac. LENOIR is an advanced web browser that allows you to use your favorite apps instead of websites (Tiktok, IG, FB, Whatsapp). no emulator or virtual machine.
even though LENOIR and Google Chrome are both web browsers, but LENOIR doesn't look like Google Chrome, LENOIR looks more like a tablet or mobile interface, with a home screen and apps, Plus App Store and local apps to manage music and photos.
the data has exceeded the value of valuable resources like gold or oil and the honest answer for many companies, your data is worth way more than a few dollars you can pay for it to use the browser. It is more beneficial for large companies to provide a free web browser and collect data worth up to $ 5,000 per person. LENOIR is on your side, when you pay you are the customer and your data is protected because the customer is king