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What exactly is Lenoir?

Lenoir is a revolutionary new browser that allows you to make money while browsing the web. With Lenoir, you don't need to buy a separate app to mine cryptocurrency. You just browse the web like you always do, and mint as you go.

Over 10 Million Apps Available

Lenoir is a web browser for Windows, Mac and Linux with over 10 million apps. With Lenoir you can access the same apps as Android and iOS from your desktop or laptop. You can also browse through a regular browser or a regular search engine without being tracked.

Lenoir respects your privacy by blocking invasive ads and third-party tracking. Take back control of your internet! Download now for free. Leave no traces, let's start


Lenoir has developed a seamless browser-mining experience, which lets you use your favourite websites like Google and Facebook, while generating precious cryptocurrency on the side. You don't need to download plugins or apps. Just install Lenoir, and begin minting today!



Thanks to the ongoing pandemic and the tiresome lockdown many are still enduring, travelling continues to not be possible. Because of this, we decided to name each version of Lenoir Browser after a beautiful city.

The first version will be named after Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, and inside the browser, users will find themed wallpapers and a special app about Stockholm with a virtual tour. But that’s not all! Users from Stockholm will have access to the browser for free.

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With Lenoir, there’s no hidden catch, no long-term subscription commitment, and no data tracking or advertisements. Instead, you get to access your apps in the most convenient and secure way possible for one singular low payment.

So no matter whether you love your gaming apps, video player apps, music apps, work apps, dating apps, health apps, or even technical apps, Lenoir has you fully covered. All you have to do is take two minutes to download it and get started.

So why not use the button below? Freedom is literally a simple click away!

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While LENOIR and Google Chrome are both web browsers, LENOIR doesn't look like Google Chrome, LENOIR looks more like a tablet or mobile user interface, with a home screen and apps, plus app store, and local apps to manage music and photos.
Data has exceeded the value of valuable resources like gold or oil, and the honest answer for many companies is that your data is worth more than a few dollars to pay to use the browser. For large businesses, it is more beneficial to have a free web browser and collect up to $ 5,000 of data per person. LENOIR is by your side, when you pay, you are the customer and your data is protected, because the customer is king

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